David Alt's Resume


David Alt
1890 Bryant St., Suite 313
San Francisco, CA 94110
415 . 341 . 4954


Career Opportunities in Design Consultation and Web Development


SB Mathematics, minor in Physics,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993.

Experience Summary

Twenty years of professional Internet software experience, including Website Development, Web Application Development, Online Marketing, Product Planning and Technical Communications.

Experience with major corporations as well as startups in industries including Retail, Software, Financial, Medical Research, Supply Chain and Media.


  • Development: Website Development, Web Application Development, Client-side Scripting, Site Analytics, Server-side Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Design, Marketing Integration
  • Design: Website Design, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Graphic Design
  • Technical Marketing: Landing page design, Conversion tracking, Site Analytics, CRM Integration, Marketing Automation, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, PPC Ad campaigns.
  • Technical Communications: Functional Specifications, API Documentation, End-user Documentation, Marketing Communications


  • UI and Client-Side Languages: HTML, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, JSP
  • Models and Standards: Agile Software Development, Kanban, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), M-V-C, Personas & Scenarios, Use Cases & Task Analysis, User-centered design, W3C DOM, XML, J2EE, UML, DITA, TCP/IP, Client/Server, HIPPA Compliance
  • Applications: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Visio, FrameMaker (structured), Acrobat, Adobe Site Catalyst, Salesforce.com, Marketo, AdWords Editor, iMovie, Word, Excel, Sublime Text, Emacs, vi
  • Content Management Systems: Wordpress, Drupal
  • Server-side Languages: UNIX (Bash), Perl, PHP, Java, Python, SQL
  • Repositories: git, SVN, Subversion, Perforce, Source Safe, CVS, RCS


2013-present: Lead Front End Developer, Site Optimization

Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

  • Multivariate Testing and Content Personalization
  • Participated in all aspects of test design and experience design for A/N tests that optimize for revenue. Technical design of experiences and architecture. Development of campaigns using Adobe Target, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Perl, with automated validation using Ruby.

    Testing and optimization of Mobile experience, Email capture, Checkout, Third party vendor image and video integrations, Product personalization, search algorithms, typeahead suggestions, personalized content suggestions, geo-targeted content and promotions, product experiences, product assortments, navigation, and social media sharing.

  • Site Analytics
  • Technical support of web analytics platform including Adobe Site Catalyst, Tealiumm tag management, Adobe Target, JavaScript data layer and third party marketing tags.

    Participation in cross-channel team of analysts and data scientists including website, in-store, catalog and customer analysts.

  • Website Development
  • Website development on a stack involving Java, FreeMarker, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Dojo and backbone.js, with Agile software developent tools SVN, JIRA and Confluence.

    Williams-Sonoma website
    Pottery Barn website
    West Elm website
    Pottery Barn Kids website
    Pottery Barn Teen website
    Mark and Graham website

2009-present: Independent Contractor


  • Technical Communications

    Process Modeling for Software Development Lifecycle, Object Modeling, Business Modeling and Analysis of Product Suites, Software Architecture Documentation

Azul Systems

  • Web Development and Online Marketing

    Front end development using Wordpress and Drupal content management systms. CMS integration, migration, template and theme development. Integration of website with Google Analytics, AdWords and Marketo. Website optimization and SEO.

    Development of Marketo custom templates, landing pages, flows and smart lists. Integration with Salesforce.

    Azul Systems Website

  • Systems Administration
    Development of publishing framework to manage multiple CMS installations and MySQL databases using PHP and UNIX shell scripting. Migration to dedicated server.
Stanford Prevention Research Center
Stanford School of Medicine

  • Web Development
    Development of HIPPA-compliant application to survey participants in a bone health study. Client-side user interface developed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSP, with a Java Servlet and Oracle back end.
    Bone Health Improvement Project Web Application
Roberts Enterprise Development Fund

  • Web Development
  • Create web page adaptation of print collateral for existing website using HTML, CSS and Photoshop.
    REDF 2013 Benefit web page
Asian American Women Artists Association

  • Web Development
  • Identify site audience and purpose, and the corresponding calls to action. Improve website layout, typography and branding.
    Database-driven content management system using HTML, CSS and PHP. AJAX integration with Salesforce.com
    Asian American Women Artists Association website

  • Technical Communications
  • Development of API Documentation for audience of web application developers who need to integrate their web applications with the Bill.com platform.

    Design and migration of documentation from PDF to web using FrameMaker, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

    Bill.com Developer API Documentation
Abacalab, Inc.

  • Web Development and Online Marketing
  • Website messaging, usability and search engine optimization. Coding of site design using native HTML5 animation, CSS and JQuery.
    Abacalab website

2008-2009: Online Marketing Engineer

SmartTurn, Inc.

  • Web Development
  • Development of "Test Drive" for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, which allows for self-guided demonstrations of a web applications, using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Oracle and Eclipse.

    Management of website content for webinars, promotions, email blasts and corporate communications.
    SmartTurn website

  • Marketing Automation
  • Design of dynamic content management system for paid search landing pages. Web-to-lead integration with Salesforce.com and Marketo, including custom fields in Salesforce.com. Implement website tracking for Google Analytics and conversion tracking for Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Business.com, Capterra.com and Marketo. Customize templates and create forms, landing pages, confirmation pages and email content for email blasts within Marketo.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Manage paid search accounts: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Business.com and Capterra. Create Search and Content campaigns, ad groups, ad text, landing page copy, display and tracking URLs. Keyword and negative keyword selection, bidding, day-parting and geo-targeting. Optimize website for Search Engine ranking (SEO).

2006-2008: Independent Contractor

Modern Code
HG Construction

  • Online Marketing and Web Development
  • Business consultation on AdWords ROI and unit metrics. Setup of Google Analytics and AdWords accounts and implementation of tracking. Keyword research, setup of geo-targeted campaigns.
    Website design, branding, copywriting, editing and image processing using HTML, CSS, Illustrator and Photoshop.
    HG Construction website
Aural Imaging

  • Product Design and Website Design
  • CD product design. Branding and collatoral for print and web using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
    Open the Gates!  CD by Alt Tal
CA/Wily Technology

  • Technical Communications
    Documentation of enterprise software for system administrators and end users.

2004-2005: Advisory Software Engineer, IBM

IBM Tivoli Application Management
Product Planning

  • Interaction Design
    Information Architecture, Usability and Functional Specifications, for the integration of products within an overlapping portfolio of acquired and legacy Application Management products. Submitted a patent for "Identifying a Configuration for an Application in a Production Environment".

1999-2005: Division Manager, Professional Association of Contract Employees

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
Capital Markets & Trading Technologies
FIX Technology Group

  • E-Commerce User Interface Design & Development
    Interaction Design, HTML and JavaScript Prototyping, Functional Specifications, Development and Documentation of Trading Operations E-Commerce application using Java Servlets and JSP. Development and Documentation of command-line interfaces for end-users.
  • FIX Server Design & Development
    Development and Documentation of FIX Server Technology using XML, Java, UNIX shells, and Perl, in a High Availability environment with WebLogic, Veritas and Tivoli. Procedural QA documentation and SA Turnover documentation.
Cyanea Systems Corp.
Planning, Engineering

  • Interaction Design
  • Technical Publications Consulting
  • API and Software Architecture Documentation
    Information Architecture, User Analysis, Task Analysis, Usability and Functional Specifications for distributed J2EE application. Documentation of Client/Server protocol and system architecture to train Software Engineers, facilitate product planning and patent proprietary technology, including Interaction Models, Workflows and Schematics. Documentation for systems administrators in FrameMaker, Visio, HTML and MS Word. Migration from MS Word to Structured FrameMaker 7.0 and the IBMIDDoc DTD. Platforms, architectures, protocols, applications and languages include AIX, Linux, z/OS, CICS, JVMPI, PMI, JMX, SMF, TCP/IP sockets, RMI, WebSphere, WebLogic, iPlanet, C++, EJB and XML.
PrimalSoft, LLC

  • IDE Design & Development
    Partner. Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Development and Documentation of Software Development Toolkit and single-source publishing architecture in Flash 5, Perl, PHP and MySQL. Management of documentation. Budgeting, project scoping and product management.

  • Business Development & Consulting
    Needs Assessment and Business Strategy Consulting. Documentation Plan and Management for legacy database application. Software Development Management.
Intraspect Software
Product Development
Technical Publications

  • SDK Documentation
    Documentation of Enterprise Collaboration Server Java API. Platforms, architectures and languages include Solaris, NT, Oracle, IIS, Apache, XML, SSL, JAAS, LDAP and Python. Documentation for DBAs, SAs, Developers and end-users in FrameMaker and HTML.

  • Business Development
    Startup Founder. Author of business plan. Design of proprietary advertising and rich media content-delivery models for teen-oriented social networking community. Branding and Marketing strategies.

1999-2008: Senior Member, Society for Technical Communication


  • Internet Manager and Instructor
    Received the Distinguished Chapter Service Award in 2006. Developed and taught the course Documenting APIs for the STC-Berkeley Education Initiative. Integrated online credit card payment system in chapter web site. Headed committee of volunteers in application development. Automated monthly tasks using Perl and MySQL on Linux-based ISP
STC Region 8

  • Presenter and Author
    Presented Programming for Technical Communicators as a full-day workshop at 2000 Region 8 Pan-Pacific Conference, and as an hour-long presentation at April 2001 STC-Orange County Chapter Meeting. Wrote the lead article in OCSTC's December 2001 Techniscribe newsletter, Edible Code: An Analogy for Computer Languages.

1997-2000: Consultant, Information Control Corporation

Bell + Howell Publications Systems Company

  • Web and Database Applications Development
    Interaction Design, Prototyping, and Development of Database Editing Application: server-side OO Perl/DBI/DBD-Oracle CGI application which generates HTML and JavaScript client interface.

    Design and development of OO Perl5 database application to validate and stage CDROM applications. Design and development of SQL*PLUS code for Oracle RDB.

    Design and development of application to produce HTML documentation of C, Perl, Tcl and SQL source code.

  • GUI Applications Development
    Development of Imaging Applications in Tcl/Tk.
  • UNIX Systems Development
    Documentation of C code to aid in project specifications. Management of documentation for project. Design and development of OO Perl5/Expect utility to manage TCP/IP protocols between Solaris, SunOS and VMS platforms.

1996: Web Developer, Vantage One Communications Group

Kelly Services

  • Web Application Development
    Interaction Design, Development and documentation of Job Listings Management and Publishing system. Web based relational database used by 50 offices nationwide. User login with data entry, management, and DBA roles. Online search. Email aliasing and distribution. Statistical reports.
Eaton Corporation, KeyBank

  • Data Migration
    Translation of Quark, Excel and Access and text data to online relational databases with indexed search.